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For programmes / courses under the SBL Scheme, prior approvals must be obtained from PSMB’s Secretariat.

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corporate training company

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Level 36-05,
Binjai 8 Premium Soho,
No.2, Lorong Binjai,
50450, Kuala Lumpur
Contact No: 03-2742 1828

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Who We Are

Ted Learning Sdn Bhd is a registered corporate training company providing a wide range of courses and programs for nurturing motivated, knowledgeable and responsible corporate professionals, which include leadership or management development training, ISO training, OSHA training, and a variety of other soft skills training, for businesses of all sizes and industries. All of our corporate training solutions can be readily tailored to suit your corporate culture, business environment and processes, ensuring improvements in employee productivity, work culture and quality in your business establishment.

corporate training company


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To be recognized as leading provider in corporate training and consultancy

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